Become a Member!

Become a Member!

logo_worship.jpgTonight Tina and I have become “members” of EBCT. We had the membership interview with Matt and Ben. In fact, we should had this interview before Chinese New Year, but since I was busy working, so we postponed the interview to today.

The interview was composed of several questions. All of them are very essential questions, like:
1. Why do you want to become a member of EBCT?
2. How do you become a Christian?
3. How have you changed after being a Christian?
4. What is the gospel?
5. Are you able to commit to EBCT in the future?
6. How would you serve the church?

While I was answering the questions, I felt touched. God has changed me little by little. Through His grace, I realize my impatience is a great sin. And God helps me to mitigate that disadvantage. There are still many disadvantages of me that are considered as sins by God.But I believe God will continuously help me to fight with those sins. Praise the Lord 🙂

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