Bug Solved

Bug Solved

logo_day_event.gifToday my colleagues and I finally solved the log sending problem near noon… I am so glad that we’ve made the achievement since we have already spent a lot of time on it. I planned to take leaves today and tomorrow; however, the plan was eliminated due to this tremendously annoying bug. The bug was quite strange. With my testing program, the logs could be sent correctly. When the code was moved to my colleague’s program, it corrupted. When we finally fixed the bug and sent the logs out successfully, I was really very happy. The fixing of the bug relieved me from the pressure that I had to fix the bug before Chinese New Year, and it also meant that I would have extra free time for one and half days, which was excellent.

Due to the tight schedule of current project, we are very possibly to work overtime for the following weeks. I never like it at anytime, but it seems to be an engineer’s destiny. So accept it, deal with it, and conquer it. Hope the dark era passes through quickly…

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