English Conference Calls

English Conference Calls

logo_day_event.gifThis afternoon I attended a course “English Conference Calls”. Actually that course have been hold for several times in the company. However, I was not able to sign up for the training because many colleagues wanted to attend that traning. It’s very lucky that this time I can make it 😛

The teacher, Gloria, had once been one of our English teachers before, and now she has formed her own English teaching institute. Her teaching was nice and creative. Since she has been working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a long time, she knows well how to handle English conference occassions. She taught us many good sentences as templates so that we might use them in future conference calls. I think it’s a good way to be familar with those sentences since most of us always use the same one or two sentences to express what we want to say. The counterpart might feel bored if we keep doing this.

Gloria also taught us many useful tips in an English conference call, like taking notes on numbers. I have to confess that I am really bad at catching English numbers during a conversation. So when Gloria said that she wanted to pick someone to repeat the number that she was going to say, I prayed in my mind “not me, not me”. But, unfortunately, it was me! Gloria picked me to answer the quiz. She said a number like “two hundred seventy milliion four thousand and nineteen”. I only got the “two hundred…million” and totally forgot the rest parts. Gloria taught us to write down commas in advance and wait for other numbers. I think it’s a good method, but I still need to take more exercises.

Hope next time I can still have the chance to join such kinds of seminars or presentations. It’s really very helpful ^^

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