20050912_hypertension.gifToday I felt very uncomfortable due to the flatulency. I think it was caused by eating too much yesterday =_=… Yesterday I went to a Thai-food restaurant for lunch. After the satisfying meal, a fruit box was waiting in the office. After then, our project manager ordered desserts for all of the colleagues… Though we cried that we were already full, none of us gave up the opportunity to taste the desserts. Then came the dinner box with a large piece of meat. After drinking the tea with milk that I bought in KungKuan, I started to felt a little uncomfortable. I could feel something in my stomach, and it seemed not to be going to be digested in a short time…

I went to bed when I reached home, hoping that the illness would disappear. But when I woke up this morning, I felt even more uncomfortable and tired since I didn’t sleep well last night. The discomfort started to reduce little by little in the afternoon. However, I still dared not to eat much for lunch and dinner. Finally I felt much better in late evening… I think next time I should not eat too much in one day. The flatulency was really hard to bear… =_=

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