Future Plan?

Future Plan?

logo_my_mood_normal.pngActually I am quite afraid of answering such kind of question…
The reason is simple: I have not thought of that thoroughly.
I don’t even know whether I should continue working on programming.
The answer might be yes, because that is my professional, and it is interesting, at least sometimes it is.
Or it might be no, because working overtime seems to be the destiny of software industry here. I don’t like it. Everyone agrees that it is not healthy, but we just cannot get rid of it!

I just saw a sentence from the singer Penny on the Cheers: “Never work for money. Work for fun, and the money comes later some time.”
It indicates an interesting life style.
However, now I go to work neither for money nor for fun, but just because I have to.
It is not a good thing. I have to change it, and change myself.

Yesterday I met Shawn at the wedding ceremony of a colleague.
He always looks happy and is eager to solve any problem.
He said that he also did not like working overtime, and he had found a good team, with good managers, that allowed him to work only in working hours, and provided him many excellant learning opportunities.
That really attracted me.
But I know that only thinking of moving to another team, or even another job, is not realistic.
Before doing that, I have to enhance myself and change my working attitude; otherwise, I would still feel unsatisfied.

I still have not come up a complete plan yet.
Allow me to think it over please…

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4 thoughts on “Future Plan?

  1. Cheer up.
    It’s not so bad as you think, I mean working.
    At least you got money, not much though… :p
    And friends, very important part.
    Go out with friends on weekends.
    It’d be helpful.
    Have a nice dinner or anything you like, okay~

  2. Thanks for your suggestions ^^~
    I think I still need some ways to find the enthusiasm about work back. That would basically solve some problems I have met…

  3. Sometimes I would ask the same question like yours to myself incidentally, but finally I found that I am not quite clever enough to get the answer. Perhaps someday you know what you want to do, please don’t forget to advise me and I will deeply appreciate your kindness.


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