Longest Distance

Longest Distance

What’s the longest distance in the universe?
I think that’s it.
So ridiculous the illumination was.
So cruel to reveal the reality.

Come on, come on,
Everything but thinking helps.
Mysterious destiny.

I spelled some words erroneously in recent days,
and it became more and more often.
I have to pay more attention to my pronounciation.
Creating troubles, am I?
I need your belief, Erika!

Stupid ephrain.
Daydreaming ephrain.
Passive ephrain.


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5 thoughts on “Longest Distance

  1. Don’t you worry …
    You can overcome these hurdles!!
    You have such bright future ahead of you ~! ^^/

  2. Yes, you are right.
    We should all look at the bright side~
    Actually, I feell better now… after a long long nap in the evening 😛
    Now it’s time for me to get some instant noodles to eat…XD

  3. I’ll try my best to let it be the last passive one.
    I should had grown up since I had gone mad for so many times due to my selfish thoughts.
    Sorry for the misunderstanding again… Orz…


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