Small Talk

Small Talk

My old classmate and I had a chitchat at the 85c coffee shop.
It’s been a long long time since the last time we met in the Starbucks.
The breeze made me feel so comfortable.
It was so relaxing to talk about gossips, someone else, and ourselves.
Even appreciating beautiful girls that walked by without saying a word was pleasurable.
I now know why girls love to chat with girls.
The so-called women’s talk. So as men’s talk.
Secrets, gossips, embarrassing stories…
You can share everything with an old friend.
Endless chat…

I had another small talk with a friend at mid-night.
Interesting, isn’t it?
I seldom discuss secrets with others.
But today, I become one of the gossipmongers~
It was a surprising news,
but nothing more should be revealed here due to the security promise 😛
Secrets, secrets, secrets.
When should I break the seals? Should I?

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2 thoughts on “Small Talk

  1. No, they aren’t always gossips, but they are in most cases 😛


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